New interior for OMEGA: exquisitely about the main. The company "Gint-M" has completed the construction and finishing of the OMEGA boutique at the GUM trading house on Red Square. The two-storey boutique of a Swiss luxury watchmaker occupies about 160 square meters in one of the most prestigious shopping centers of the capital. The Gint-M company performed a full complex of works on construction, finishing and engineering equipment of rooms of the customer. The architect of the project was the company ABD Architects, engineering designer-RBTT. It is noteworthy that the project was implemented in just one month — for boutiques of this level it is an unprecedented case. According to Artem Panteleev, commercial Director of "Gint-M", to withstand such a short period of time the company allowed a clear work schedule, in which the stages of the project were painted literally on days. Other challenges for the company were quite a large number of instructions and restrictions related to the location of the object. Thus, it was possible to work only at night, so as not to interfere with the functioning of the shopping center and its visitors. In addition, due to the historical status of the object, the work should be carried out, following a large number of special construction regulations. For example, it was forbidden to touch the old brickwork. However, due to the relevant experience of Gint-M in the implementation of such projects, as well as the company's special permission to work with historical buildings, the project was successfully implemented in the shortest possible time. The high level of boutique finishing fully complies with the standards of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. In the interior used expensive finishing materials and subjects of the interior are marble, wood etc. Furniture for the project custom made. In addition to retail space, the interior was integrated safe zone — specific requirements for strengthening of walls, and a small back office for staff with kitchenette and a seating area. The result is a refined, stylish and functional interior that fits perfectly into the surroundings of Gum - one of the main attractions of the capital.