Laconic interior with author's graphics on the walls

About the project: Customer: Business Center CITIDEL (Prime Property Management) Address: Moscow, Zemlyanoi Val, 9 Implementation: 6 months Area: 4500 m² Design and construction: Engineering design: RBTT Consultants General Contractor: City Contract Architectural bureau: ABD architects The business center "Citydel" on Zemlyanoy Val is one of the largest office complexes of Class A, located within the Garden Ring. The area of the 13-storey building is occupied by several large international corporations - such as Uniqlo and Clarins - but apart from them, there are temporary tenants in Citydel. Business challenge Citydel was commissioned in 2009. The customer decided to bring the building in line with the ecological standard of BREEAM and remodel the interiors of public areas that have ceased to fit into the image of modern business space. Since tenants are many and their activities are different, the project should have been as neutral as possible and take into account the needs of all. Organization of space Bureau ABD architects was engaged in the conversion of common areas on the ground floor. The design area was 4500 m²: in addition to the entrance area and the lobby, it is also elevator halls and corridors. One of the main problems was the lack of natural light. Despite the fact that the building has panoramic glazing, it is designed so that light in the lobby penetrates only from the west side. Large stained-glass windows, in turn, obliged to this design of the entrance area, which will attract views from the street and will be able to convey the spirit of the business center. In addition, it was necessary to correctly calculate the necessary number of waiting rooms, design a reception convenient for all tenants, dilute visitors' flows in the turnstile area and take into account the fact that terminals and ATMs of various configurations and colors will appear in the interior. In addition, on the first floor there are several cafes, the areas of which needed to be delicately inscribed in a new space. Design Idea The concept was based on a simple geometric pattern that was transformed into three-dimensional projecting cubes of different sizes on the walls of the central lobby. They give the space dynamics, and the interior at the same time seems to be a paraphrase of the facade, which is also solved in the projected volumes. The stiffness of rectangular geometry softens the circumferences of large ceiling lights and the white lampshades of floor lamps. The coloristic solution is almost monochrome. The black and white pattern breaks the green rectangles of plant Osteen and plants into laconic metal pots. The lack of natural light has partly been compensated not only by the large amount of white in the materials of the finish, but also by reflective glossy surfaces. Lamps for fixtures selected a warm yellow spectrum to be in such an interior was comfortable Upholstered furniture in the waiting area is traditional office, simple and black. There is no extra detail in the interior - even the clock above the reception desk has lost the dial, turning into a straight line intersection on a white wall. The element of the game in the lapidary interior is made by the graphics of Yuri Gordon. For the project, he created a special version of his "Literary Map of Moscow", placing within the Garden Ring historical handicraft settlements. So it turned out "Moscow business, or the City of Masters", and the cosmopolitan and rigorous image of the business center has acquired a new semantic layer - a national and ironic, accessible only to those who can read in Russian. For the opposite wall and corridors, Yuri Gordon drew a diagram of the Kremlin and a map of memorable places in the vicinity of the business center. Thanks to this, not the building, but its interior was inscribed in the context. The same graphics went to navigation. All the notations in places of common use are drawn, and not marked with traditional plates - so that one does not immediately understand whether this is a tribute to minimalism, or artistic hooliganism. Kuvshinnikov Director of the Department of Interiors ABD architects The interior supports the image of a high-class business center. The project provides convenient waiting areas, clear navigation and places for recreation. We suggested using the work of the famous illustrator-font Yuri Gordon, which resulted in a full and fascinating cooperation and the development of author's panels, especially for DC "City". A correctly designed entrance group is a guarantee of a good mood and a pleasant impression of the guests of the company and employees. As they say, the theater begins with a hanger. Pavel Tiger Prime Property Management We are very pleased with the successful completion of the complex renovation project for the public spaces of DC City. The facility has acquired a new modern look, which is appreciated by our partners - tenants. DC City has become one of the most attractive class A office centers on the Garden Ring. Within the framework of the renovation project, it was possible to create a high-quality and comfortable environment combining a number of non-standard modern architectural solutions. Author's graphics, specially designed for the project, clearly emphasizes the history of the area in which "Citydel" is located and stylistically organically combines with the appearance of public areas.