Construction of the Russian Headquarters Adidas Group.

The Russian headquarters Adidas Group combines several important qualities that allow it to qualify for the status of the best office interior in Moscow: Firstly, it is a truly high-quality package of architectural and engineering solutions that creates a comfortable working atmosphere and achieves one of the most stringent world environmental standards for real estate - international certificate LEED Gold. Secondly, inherent in the project is a rare combination of individual comfort for employees - the average workplace space in the open-space is 6.97 sq.m., which is 22% more than the average for Moscow - with high density of shared premises. Recreation facilities (coffee points, breakout areas, etc.) account for about 20% of the office space; negotiation spaces (meeting rooms, etc.) - about 19% (while the averages for the market are 3% and 8% respectively). Thirdly, the status of the project is greatly enhanced by a unique concept that unites under one roof, a central office, a sports academy, a corporate fitness club and branded stores. Adidas Group has adopted a solution with a bold image that can claim to be a trend setter in the field of corporate interiors.